Yoga Tools

The Spinal Roller is a simple yet effective tool designed to allow one to adjust, massage or stretch the spine and back. The Spinal Roller relieves stiffness and tension in the back and pelvis. One half inch of sponge rubber over a firm inner cylinder gives a strong yet cushioned surface that not only works the muscles but the spine itself. With the Spinal Roller you can hear and feel the spine adjusting, vertebrae being put back in alignment. The Spinal Roller gives a greater focus to stretching the spine. It can be used as a fulcrum between any of the vertebrae. The Spinal Roller can be used as an aide in correcting distortions in the back and pelvis. Roll on it or stretch over it. The Spinal Roller is versatile and fun to use.
Complete illustrated manual is included.
The Spinal Roller is a powerful tool and is recommended to those who have had yoga or other bodywork training.

Lazy Man Yoga

Regular Size is 15” long, 5” in diameter.
$104.00 includes shipping

Intermediate Size is 13″ long, 4” in diameter.
$82.00 includes shipping
(Greater penetration for lumbar spine.)

Smaller Size is 13” long, 3.5″ in diameter.
$70.00 includes shipping
(Smaller size has sharper penetration – particularly good for thoracic spine.)

The Foam Roller is eighteen inches in length and almost 6 inches in diameter and weighs only 9 ounces. You can hold it with a finger or two easily. It is a good size for practicing foam roller yoga exercises. The foam roller is light weight, and that can be an advantage in moving it around with ease.


It is also quite firm and strong and does a good job in stretching, massaging, and manipulating the back as well as other areas of the body. Two instruction brochures come with this roller, “Foam Roller Yoga” and “Five Ways to Use and Understand the Spinal Roller.”


Foam Roller
$22.50 includes shipping

The Cranial Adjustor and Cervical Wedge is a wooden device designed for manipulation and adjustment of the cervical vertebrae and the occipital bone at the base of the skull. This device can massage and apply therapeutic pressure to the reflex (pressure) points on the top of the head, base of the skull and the sinus points on the face. The Cranial Adjustor and Cervical Wedge is a more holistic way to address such health problems as headache, facial pain and sinus conditions. Explanatory brochures with photos on how to use the device are included.

Cranial Adjuster & Cervical Wedge
$50.00 includes shipping


Cranial Adjustor Cervical Wedge

Reflex Point Massage Balls give a deep and stimulating massage to the reflex or acupressure points on either side of the spine. These points are associated with the autonomic nervous system ganglia and internal organ functioning. Like two, strong thumbs these therapeutic tools eventually break up the chronic knots and thickened connective tissue that many people have developed in their backs over the course of the years.


Reflex Point Massage Balls
$20.00 includes shipping

The Cervical Rocker is a rubber-cushioned wooden device designed to manipulate and adjust the cervical and upper thoracic sections of the spine. Through a gentle pressing and rocking action those areas of the spine that have become narrowed, slipped or strained can be opened and adjusted. By gently prying open these strained and distorted vertebral centers in the neck and upper thoracic section, we allow a process of softening and relaxation to affect the whole upper body. Eventually even the heart and lungs soften and relax.


Cervical Rocker
$68.00 includes shipping

The Thoracic Press and Adjustor is a large wedge-shaped tool with a deep groove cut into the top. This design allows for a strong therapeutic pressure along the entire thoracic spine. The deep groove encourages greater movement of the spine as it can shift individual vertebrae back into a more proper alignment. Adjusting the thoracic section of the spine can help open and relieve strain and disease in the internal organs of the chest and upper abdomen. The Thoracic Press is best employed against a chair or couch while the head is supported and the spine can remain relatively straight.

Thoracic Press
$88.00 includes shipping

The Zubo is a wooden dowel with rounded ends that can be effectively used to press and massage some of the more important pressure points on the body. The Zubo may be particularly useful for those who would like to be able to treat the tension in the neck, face and head. Two fully illustrated instruction booklets are included.



$20.00 includes shipping


Zubo and the Neck Flexors


The Wand is a therapeutic body tool for the massage and manipulation of the major muscle groups in the neck and shoulder girdle area of the body. Used in a variety of different ways, this versatile tool can apply the necessary pressure and leverage to effectively treat these major muscle groups in this region of the body. These muscles, when excessively tight and short, can cause a host of physical pains and discomforts from tension headaches, poor posture and even nerve and blood vessel entrapment. The Wand is an 18 inch long and 1 inch in diameter dowel with one rounded end and a loop of cord attached to the other end. Used in a number of different ways, it can effectively treat the trapezius muscles, the scalenes, the sternocleidomastoid and the suboccipital muscles. A photo illustrated brochure is included that describes the different uses and muscles that can be treated.

$30.00 includes shipping


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