Anyone acquainted with a flat, firm piece of floor will know that it offers a variety of possibilities for massaging and adjusting the back and spine. Rolling the back upon a thinly carpeted floor is an important part of the practice of yoga. A lot of pleasure and relief can be had in such a maneuver. It is for those already acquainted with stretching exercises and floor maneuvers that a Spinal Roller can be employed.

The Spinal Roller can be any cylinder with some degree of cushion around it. This gives a strong yet cushioned surface that not only works the muscles in the back but the spine itself. You can hear and feel the spine adjusting, vertebrae being put back in alignment. The Spinal Roller also gives greater focus to stretching the spine. It can be used as a fulcrum between any of the vertebrae. Roll on it or stretch over it. The accompanying drawings and photos give a hint as to the versatility of a Spinal Roller.

Feel for any pain or stiffness in the spine and back. These sensations are your guide. They indicate trouble and where work is needed. Go slowly and cautiously at first until you are familiar with the sensations the Spinal Roller brings out. You may feel bumps or unusual curves that make rolling up and back evenly difficult. These are the misalignments and distortions that not only cause backache and stress but radiate their effect via nerves into the muscles and viscera.

Fundamental to both yoga and chiropractic philosophy is that the unblocked, smooth, and flexible spine gives health and radiance to the rest of the body. With the Spinal Roller you can test yourself. Stiffness and pain indicate a blockage and the need for manipulative work. Gradually over weeks and months the stiffness disappears, the soreness and distortions are smoothed out and rolled away.

The body tends to be conservative. It does not want to change its structure too quickly. Be patient. Use the roller only a minute or two at a time for the first few days. It may leave you slightly sore as any deep tissue treatment would. Be cautious but also experiment, invent and explore. The Spinal Roller is a powerful tool and probably best used by those who have some yoga experience. It is not to be used by pregnant women or people with serious back problems.

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