Science and Being Undisturbed

Pythagoras was one of the earliest philosophers to see the value of mathematics in explaining the phenomena in the world. Remember his theorem about right triangles. These early Greek philosophers (before Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle) really began to think about the world in more naturalistic terms and less religious. They believed things could be better explained with math, logic, and direct observation than referring to gods and goddesses. There always seems to be this recurring tension in our society and throughout history between the naturalistic, logical, mathematical explanations and the religious ones. I usually subscribe to the science and logic viewpoint, but I also think we need to experience “ataraxia” where the mind goes quiet and we can experience some peace, ease, and rest. The Greeks philosphers had a lot to say about that too. The word “ataraxia” translates from the Greek and into English as “undisturbed”.

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