Mindfulness and Stillness

I like to browse through the magazine section at Barnes and Noble and today I noticed how many magazines are on the shelf with the word “mindfulness” on the cover and in the name of the magazine.  There must have been half a dozen with other magazines displaying titles like “Calm” or “Breathe”.  I heard on the news the other day that the most frequent subject that people put into their Google search engine is “stress”.  We are looking for some relief it seems.  Mindfulness used to be called meditation but mindfulness probably goes down better than meditation in our Western mind set (less esoteric and less of an Eastern practice).  But whatever we want to call it we are looking for some peace, ease, and rest in our fast paced and hectic lives.  I know a yoga teacher who promotes her style as “decelerate in an amped up world”.  I’ve called it “Blessed Stillness” and write poems about it.  Allan


The wave of relaxation is complete

When it comes down from my head

And through my feet.

Being still, calming down,

The lights are low

There is no sound.

A period of rest

The order of the day

For an hour I will stay


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