Keep a Cool Head

Our heads and the energy in them can be a real issue.  Our human brains require a lot of blood and energy to function at top capacity and the problem often arises that we have trouble cooling and draining the brain when that is required like when we want to rest, be peaceful, or even go to sleep.  Before we go to sleep the head should be cooler and not fully charged.  The relaxation technique called “autogenic training” makes a point of cooling the head during deep relaxation and warming the hands and especially the feet.  This is all about charge, energy, prana, chi or whatever you want to call it.  Alexander Lowen called it bioenergy.  His teacher Wilhelm Reich called it orgone and supposedly developed a device for balancing it.  It got him thrown into prison where he died. Those popular expressions like “keep a cool head” or “hot head” are more than just figures of speech.

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