Hellenistic Philosophy in a Nutshell

Greek philosophy after Alexander the Great is called Hellenistic and mainly consists of Stoicism, Skepticism, and Epicureanism.  They all had something valuable to say about leading a good and virtuous life and I think are similar in many ways to Eastern practices and wisdom.  The stoics promoted a kind of dispassion free from strong and disturbing emotions.  Stoics recommended leading as natural an existence as possible, simple and even unconventional, but with the rational faculties and self control operative.  The Skeptics resisted adopting firm beliefs and making value judgments.  Keeping an open mind or even a quiet one is a path to inner peace.  The Epicureans resolved to relieve mental and physical pain and by so doing enhancing their capacity for Peace, Ease and Pleasure.  Pleasure (in all its many varieties) is essential to making life worth living.  Each school of thought had a slightly different viewpoint and perspective on ‘the good life’, and each has something of value to say to us today.  Allan
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