Floored. Your Back’s Best Friend.

We come to think the floor belongs to our pets and our animals. Dogs and cats like to lie there or roll around on their backs there and even to sleep on the floor. Most of us stay off the floor, and as we age we find it ever more difficult to get down on the floor and to get up. But the floor can be our back’s best friend. A firm and thinly carpeted floor can stretch, open, elongate, massage and manipulate the back. Laying back on the floor can help reverse the effects of gravity when we sit or stand. Human uprightness tends to compress our spines and laying back on the floor allows the spaces between our vertebrae to open up, to depressurize. So take a cue from your cat or dog and get down on the floor. Relax there, stretch and roll around. The floor is your back’s best friend. AllanA



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