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Have you ever watched a cat or a dog find itself a sun–warmed piece of ground or pavement and proceed to roll around on its back? Animals roll their backs as naturally as they stretch and relax. Grounded in their deep body sense (the kinesthetic sense) animals move and respond to internal cues. Their ease and naturalness appeals to us and reminds us of something we have forgotten.

We can use the floor (thinly carpeted) to massage and adjust our own hips and back. The floor can be your back’s best friend. Rock, roll, and press your back on the floor and work out the ache and stiffness you find there. Have some fun and listen to your own body sense, the kinesthetic sense, and it will tell you to lengthen, loosen and limber your spine and back upon the floor.

As you rock and roll and press your back against the floor your breathing deepens. The diaphragm muscle is lengthening and releasing. This is the natural way to adjust the body and free up the breathing. The diaphragm is the engine of the breath and a key to health and liberation. Rock and roll the middle and lower back upon the floor and release the diaphragm.

Floor time is not just for our cats and dogs. It can be the essential part of any therapy or practice; it is easy, natural, practical, and often just fun and pleasurable too.