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Lazy Man Yoga 

Five postures, in five minutes, on a roller. This is a Yoga of relaxation and surrender. Yoga made easy without any effort or strain.


Adjusting the Sacrum

The sacrum is the structural center of the body. Strain and distortion here can be our fundamental misalignment which can translate into pain and disease throughout the body. This illustrated pamphlet explains 6 basic techniques of stretching and manipulation for adjusting the sacrum.

Most Important Muscle Syndrome

The Most Important Muscle Syndrome

How the iliopsoas muscle may be the most important structural muscle in the body.


The Yoke

The scalenes lie deep in the neck and are key structural muscles for the upper body and shoulder girdle. This fully illustrated pamphlet explores a number of stretch and massage techniques for the scalenes and also for the jaw, face and base of the skull.

Zubo and the Neck Flexors

 Zubo and the Neck Flexors

Using a simple tool to massage and manipulate the key structural muscles in the neck.


Spinal Rolling

SPINAL ROLLING is a fully illustrated, easy to follow guide to rolling the stress and tension out of your back. Learn to become your own best therapist.

The Belly And Its Power

THE BELLY AND ITS POWER is a simple concise and illustrated guide to liberating the natural energy center in man. Topics include complete diaphragmatic breathing, the concept of breath energy, the psoas muscle and body alignment, abdominal self-massage, stretches for opening the hips and chest, spinal rolling and manipulation.


Beyond Civilization

An essay on the real meaning of the Sabbath day by a prominent 20th Century thinker and religious philosopher.

Day of Rest

DAY OF REST is a contemporary interpretation of the Sabbath day. Using insights from anatomy, physiology and religious tradition, rest and relaxation take on a broad and pervasive new meaning.

Blessed Stillness

Rhymes and Reasons for Rest and Relaxation

Exhilarations of the Road

The Exhilarations of the Road

An essay by a prominent naturalist from the 19th century on the joys and practice of walking.