Calm and Settle the Body, Quiet the Mind

Words and phrases come to mind about the practice of yoga and meditation.  “Calm and settle the body, quiet the mind” seem apt and descriptive.   One of first sutras in the “Yoga Sutras” is about quieting mental stuff.  I do seem to recall although I don’t  have a copy of the Sutras anymore to check.  During the 17th century there was a group known as the “Quietists”, actually they were Catholics and the priest, Michael Molinos, was the most famous of the Quietists.  He wrote a book called “The Spiritual Guide” and eventually got himself thrown in prison and probably died there.  He declared that ritual and dogma were not necessary for the religious life and perhaps were impediments.  Quiet mind and quiet prayers were enough.  Such an approach pops up in many places and times.  I would like to know how they proposed to quiet their minds.  Good trick but it doesn’t seem to be covered.  Allan

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