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Material on the Alexander technique and Feldenkrais make use of the kinesthetic sense. It is the internal body sense of tension, stiffness, ache, strain, and distortion. Most internally focused body techniques from Chi Kung to Chinese or Indian yoga to a host of others, more modern in their design and vocabulary, are really referring to this kind of awareness although they might not be specific in naming it the kinesthetic sense. This sense can be your guide to these practices although it often is hidden or clouded by your other more dominant senses or even your thinking mind. Quieting the mind and toning down consciousness of those other senses may be required before tuning into the kinesthetic, but it is worth the effort to tap into this sense and get a clearer view of what is happening within.

We may spend a lifetime avoiding this inner awareness because our first few glimpses of our internal landscape can be quite unsettling and disturbing. But it is a more accurate view of how strained and broken we have become and hints at what we need to do to free ourselves.

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